Gum Camera User Manual


Thank you for purchasing your mini interview recorder. It is ideal for both covert camera& gift camera, small enough to conceal almost anywhere! Wherever you place your mini camera, you’ll know for sure that you won’t miss anything.

What your gum camera includes:

 Mini Interview Recorder
 USB cable
 User manual Features
 Dimension:73mm*20mm*11mm
 Weight:180g
 Real time recording in AVI video format.
 Use micro SD card from 128MB to2GB
 Playback video on PC
 Video Compression: AVI video format,352*288
 Voice Recording: Yes
 Internal Memory: No
 Video File Size:>500KB per minute
 Recording Mode: Continuous recording until memory is full or manually off
 Adaptor Type: USB adaptor charging cable
 Battery Type: Lithium-ion
 Record Time: Up to 2 hours

A Quick Look at your gum camera:

1.Power on/off 2.Record/Stop Button
3.Hold 4.Micro SD card slot
5.MIC 6.Recharge Light
7.Power Light 8.Record Light
9.USB Port

Installing a Memory Card

This camera has no internal memory, Please insert a Micro SD(T-Flash) card before recording.
 This product supports Micro SD cards up to 4GB.
 Please insert Micro SD card into the remarkable place of the machine, the basement will be injured permanently with the inaccurate insertion and extraction.

Starting your gum camera:

Insert the Micro SD card by pushing it firmly into the slot until it clicks into place.
Open the HOLD button.
Press the power button to ON. The power on indicator will light on “blue”, which indicate the machine enter into the await order state.
Press and hold the Record/Stop button down for 3 seconds. The machine is recording video &voice. The light on “pale yellow” and twinkle. If you have not inserted the Micro SD card, the green light would not twinkle.
Press and hold the Record/Stop button down for 3seconds to stop recording when the machine is working.


Do not switch ”Power on/off” button when the machine is recording, otherwise the data won’t be saved.
Connect to PC with USB cable
 Connect the machine to the computer with USB cable and press the Power button to ON. The Blue led lights at this time, the machine is in the state of charging while the red light is twinkling.(you can also directly charge the camera using an adaptor accorded with the specifications of USB).Charging 3 hours is necessary.
 Function as removable disk when connect the camera to PC, playback the video files stored Micro SD card via the computer.(Free download the QUICKTIME software from the


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